Why do I have to provide the occupation code to ZUS if I am self-employed?

The amendment to the Social Insurance Institution regulations of May 2021 imposed on entrepreneurs the obligation to report the profession code in the context of employed employees. This information must be provided not only by entrepreneurs using full-time employees or contractors, but also by self-employed persons. The main argument of ZUS in favor of the changes is the need to collect data for statistical purposes.

What are the changes in ZUS forms?

Persons applying for insurance after May 16, 2021 are required to complete the information on the code of their profession in the ZUS ZUA and ZZA application forms. This applies to both entrepreneurs employing employees and self-employed payers.

The profession code must be completed each time in two cases:

  • in new application documents, including for periods before the contractual amendment date,
  • in the case of submitting changes and corrections, e.g. in connection with a change in contact details.

The information is completed directly in the application form by going to box 01 in block X or using box 02 in block V (depending on the type of document) described as “professional code”.

What is the ZUS code of the profession?

A profession code is a unique, original series of numbers, matched and corresponding to the name of a specific profession. The profession code applied to the document must fully comply with the legal guidelines specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of August 7, 2014 on the classification of professions and specialties for the needs of the labor market and the scope of its application.

The regulations contain a list of all applicable professions with highlighted series of numbers. Due to their large number, the public entity also made available an internet register, equipped with an intuitive search engine for checking data.